2001 Honda Civic

This vehicle was being prepped to sell and needed some TLC to bring it back to life. It is proven that vehicles in excellent condition yield larger sale prices. Take a look at KBB and check the price difference on the same vehicle in “good” or “excellent” condition.

Here is the condition of the paint when the vehicle arrived. In the sun you can really see the swirl marks and scratches throughout the finish.

2013-07-31 16.51.17 2013-07-31 16.51.23

The engine compartment also needed some love. I started by soaking the engine components in APC and then foamed everything with a strong mix of Meg’s Hyper Wash. This mixture was left to dwell for several minutes and agitated with a variety of specialized brushes to get into all the hard to reach areas.

2013-07-31 16.53.26 2013-07-31 17.19.37

Next up the wheels were thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. This purple solution is a pH neutral iron dissolving chemical that gets any brake dust and grime off the wheel that isn’t otherwise removed with standard wheel cleaners or soaps.

2013-07-31 18.49.51 2013-07-31 18.52.28

Next the vehicle is foamed with a pH neutral car wash solution. This is left to dwell for a few minutes to help remove any wax or sealant that may be on the vehicle. We intend to strip everything down and apply a new sealant anyway.

2013-07-31 19.11.07 2013-07-31 19.11.30

This vehicle received a 1-step polish to remove roughly 90% of all visible paint defects and leave a super glossy finish. Here is a video showing the progress that is made with this type of procedure when done correctly.


50/50 progress…

2013-07-31 20.48.52 2013-07-31 21.37.36


2013-08-02 07.18.31 2013-08-02 07.21.18

2013-08-02 07.20.44 2013-08-02 07.19.20

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