2005 Lexus ES 350

This Lexus was covered in dust, traffic film and debris from a lawn maintenance crew upon arrival.

DSC_0035 (640x427)

The owner was mainly concerned with restoring gloss to the exterior and cleaning up the interior (sorry no interior shots were taken due to time constraints).

DSC_0008 (640x427)

DSC_0020 (640x427)

It almost looked like the car was crying for the attention of a professional detailer.

DSC_0003 (640x427)

DSC_0031 (640x427)

The wheels had definitely seen better days. Here you can see the clear coat peeling off the rim resulting from years of harsh chemicals etching and dissolving away the finish. In an effort not to further damage the wheel’s delicate (and failing) finish, mild pH balanced cleaners were utilized to safely clean each wheel.

DSC_0004 (640x427)



The vehicle received a thorough foam bath containing iron dissolving pH balanced cleaners to remove traffic film and embedded brake dust that can eventually lead to total paint failure and rust spots.

DSC_0038 (640x427)

DSC_0045 (640x427)

All paintwork and glass is then put through a multi-step decontamination process to remove all traces of brake dust, sap, road tar, and any other foreign contaminates. Here you can see our iron dissolving chemical turning purple as it neutralizes the remaining iron particles that would otherwise remain embedded inside the vehicle’s paint. This process leaves the paint extremely slick to the touch… even before polishing or applying any wax.

DSC_0050 (640x427)

The door jambs, trunk deck lid, and fuel door are thoroughly detailed for a like new appearance.

DSC_0064 (640x427)

Some sort of paint transfer from another vehicle or object had ruined the rear passenger door.

DSC_0060 (640x427)

A few minutes of careful polishing completely fixed the problem area and restored a showroom new finish!

DSC_0069 (640x427)

After a light polishing session to remove oxidation and restore gloss to the paintwork the vehicle was treated with a silica based polymer sealant for amazing gloss and hydrophobic protection.

DSC_0067 (640x427)

DSC_0065 (640x427)

DSC_0070 (640x427)

DSC_0066 (640x427)

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