2013 Audi A4

This 2013 Audi A4 was recently “detailed” by a local company… unfortunately they left the paint finish in worse shape than they started with. We were called out to asses the damage and determine the best course of action to remedy the problems. The following is a brief write-up of the process to restore the vehicle’s paintwork and bring back a showroom shine.

2014-07-25 18.21.48

Initial Vehicle Condition

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (1)

The first thing I noticed was the large, deep scratch on the front of the hood. Unfortunately it was obvious that this would not be able to polish out 100% as the damage is all the way through the clear coat; however, light polishing would be able to smooth out the edges of the scratch and make it far less noticeable.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (2)

This Audi currently lives at the end of a long gravel driveway and the rear of the vehicle quickly accumulates dirt and dust from daily trips on and off the property.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (6)

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (7)

Extensive water spot etching also plagued the vehicle’s finish.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (4)

The photo below shows the damage that we were initially called on to correct. This is actually a combination of extreme damage caused by frequent visits to an automatic tunnel wash as well as buffer holograms from the improper use of a rotary machine. Some of the damage caused by the automatic car wash would end up being so extensive that it could not be 100% removed without compromising the integrity of the UV inhibitors in the top layer of clear coat. This is why we NEVER recommend visiting an automatic car wash… the damage caused by the abrasive “soft cloth” sponges is simply ridiculous.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (15)

We also noted some leftover wax in multiple places from a previous detail. Things like this are unacceptable and are easily avoided by taping off plastic trim and sensitive areas prior to polishing or waxing the paint.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (21)

To start off the vehicle was thoroughly cleansed of all dust, dirt, and road grime with a proper foam bath and two-bucket wash. This washing procedure ensures that dirt and other contaminants are safely lifted away from the surface during the initial cleaning process so as to not further damage the finish.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (8)

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (9)

After the vehicle was thoroughly washed, rinsed, and dried the vehicle was further inspected for additional damage. We noticed some water spots had stained the plastic fins on the front grill. They were carefully removed with a chemical process specially designed to dissolve hard water stains.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (11)

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (13)

Next the vehicle underwent a painstakingly meticulous multi-step correction process to remove as much damage as possible from the vehicle’s paintwork. Here is a before and after shot of the cutting process before any final polishing was completed.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (23)

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (24)

More than 16 hours went into polishing the paint. The final results are worth it.

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (30)

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (29)

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (28)

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (27)

Audi A4 - Autowerx Detailing (26)

Here is a sun shot from a follow up wash a few weeks after the initial paint correction treatment.

2014-07-25 18.21.28

For more information regarding our paint enhancement treatments please visit our Exterior Services Menu or shoot us an email at info@autowerxdetailing.com to discuss your specific auto appearance goals.

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