Not All Microfibers Are Created Equal

Visit any car wash, body shop, dealership, or detailing studio and you will likely find that the most common tool employed in the use of creating a show car shine is the infamous microfiber towel. Due to their ability to perform a variety of tasks exceedingly well (in comparison to terry cloth or cotton towels) microfiber towels are the obvious choice for both car care enthusiasts and professional detailers alike.

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber fabric is made from a blend of two synthetic fabrics: polyester and polymide. Depending on how the material is blended, a microfiber towel can be designed to perform a specific task with great efficiency. They can be made to be more absorbent for drying a vehicle, extra plush for washing, super soft for wiping delicate surfaces without scratching, or with shorter nap designed for removing wax and final polishing.

Cheap Microfiber TowelUnfortunately many “dealership” or “car wash” type establishments utilize the lowest price microfiber towels available for all aspects of their detailing regimen. The same towels used to clean a dirty wheel or exhaust pipes one day could then be used for a final wipe down on another car’s paint the next day. No matter how many times a towel is washed it will never release all the grit from heavy duty cleaning jobs; thus, risking damage to delicate painted surfaces. The fact that even brand new “budget” microfiber towels can mar or scratch delicate painted surfaces helps to illustrate why having premium fabric is demonstrably important to high-end auto detailing.


High Quality Plus Microfiber Towel

To eliminate the risk of damaging expensive modern paint systems, Autowerx has invested in premium microfiber towels of the highest quality. We also separate each towel into job specific tasks so that a towel that has been used for “dirty work” never comes into contact with scratch sensitive clear coat or other delicate surfaces. We’ve spared no expense to assure the quality of the tools we use, even those as basic as a towel, to ensure your total satisfaction. Don’t compromise your automobile’s expensive finish by choosing a detailer with sub-standard tools or products. The detailing pros at Autowerx are your partner in the pursuit of automotive perfection.

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