Exterior Detailing

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Specifically designed for daily driven vehicles that live in the Pacific Northwest. Our Deluxe Detail treatment offers comprehensive exterior auto detailing and variable interior cleaning to meet your exact car care requirements. Perfect as a semi-annual detailing treatment to maintain a showroom-new appearance.

ETA: 5 – 8 hours


  • CarPro Reset or CarPro Echo premium hand wash w/ Grit Guards.
  • CarPro 3 stage paintwork decontamination & claybar treatment restores a smooth as glass finish.
    • Safely removes corrosive traffic film, brake dust, road tar, tree sap and non-etched water spots.
  • Hidden areas like the engine bay, door jambs, fuel door, etc. are thoroughly cleaned and protected.
  • Paintwork polished with ‘Ultra Polishing Wax’ for extreme shine and lasting protection.
  • Wheels cleaned front to back and treated with CarPro Hydro2 for long lasting protection.
  • Tires dressed with CarPro PERL, UV resistant, hydrophobic protective dressing.
  • All glass and mirrors cleaned and treated w/ Hydro2 hydrophobic sealant.


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