COVID-19 Quarantine Specials:

Running out of things to watch on Netflix? How about learning some basic detailing techniques to keep your car shining like new? During this stay-home order we’re making our extensive arsenal of professional grade machine polishers available for take home rentals. Give us a call for more info!

Rupes Polisher Rentals

Rupes Mille LK 900E | $30/day

Rupes LHR 15 MarkIII | $30/day

Rupes iBrid Nano | $30/day

Rupes LHR 75E | $25/day

Rupes Duetto | $25/day

Rupes Polisher Set (choose any two Rupes polishers) | $50/day

Polishing Pads | 5″ pads $4/day, 3″ pads $2/day, 2″ pads $2/day, 1″ pads $2/day

Polish and sealants by the ounce | Return the bottle and only pay for what you use.