Dealer Services

Autowerx Detailing is proud to offer our premium detailing treatments at an affordable rate for wholesale, dealership, and fleet accounts.

Our modern collection of tools, cleaning chemicals, polishing compounds, sealants, and exclusive ceramic coatings are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of why our services literally “outshine” the competition.

New Car Prep

Vehicles are meticulously prepared for showroom display and customer delivery.

  • Protective wraps are carefully removed ensuring all adhesive residue is properly cleaned away.
  • Accessories such as: floor mats, interior trim, chargers, etc. are unwrapped and installed.
  • Exterior paint, glass, trim, wheels, etc. are carefully cleansed and dried, mitigating wash induced damage.
  • Paintwork is inspected for transport damage, rail dust, or other issues and dealt with accordingly.
  • Factory de-nibbing marks and abrasion damage is located and corrected to restore a pristine finish.
  • All-In-One polish/sealant application for added luster and protection from the elements.
  • Rain repellent sealant applied to all windows.

Trade-In Recon

Create excitement in your vehicle walk-around and demonstration drives with a meticulously prepared used car inventory.

  • Exterior thoroughly washed and decontaminated including: paint, wheels, trim, glass, etc.
  • Engine pressure washed and steam cleaned (left clean, not covered in slimy dressing)
  • All-In-One polish & sealant applied to vehicle’s exterior providing a slick, glossy, reflective surface.
  • Type 1 water spots removed from glass (if necessary)
  • Interior upholstery, carpet, and mats vacuumed and steam cleaned
  • Interior hard surfaces steam cleaned and wiped down
  • Interior “new car” scent applied

Paint Reconditioning

Additional paint correction service for severely abused/neglected vehicles to restore shine and luster to all paintwork.

  • Single-step machine compounding process to eliminate scratches and other imperfections in painted surfaces.
  • Removes most scratches, swirl marks, etchings, and other damage through careful machine polishing.
  • No “buffer trails” or “holograms” GUARANTEED.

Ceramic Glass Paint Coating

Ultra durable, long-life ceramic paint protection coating applied to all exterior paintwork.

  • Ceramic glass SiO2 based coatings provide premium paint protection and enhanced shine
  • Resistance to UV damage, water spots, acid rain, bird bombs, tar, brake dust, and other environmental contaminates
  • Eliminates the need to frequently wash, polish, and wax the vehicle

Fleet Maintenance Washing

Premium routine washing programs to keep your fleet maintained to the highest standards.

  • We’ll create a fleet maintenance program based on your exact preferences and fleet appearance needs.
  • Eco friendly, low water consumption wash process safely cleans vehicles without added environmental concerns.
  • Automatic scheduling and calendar sync with Outlook and Google calendar for your convenience.