Paint Correction

Paint Correction by Autowerx permanently removes below surface paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches, holograms, haze, and oxidation by removing a microscopic layer of clear coat to reveal a flawless, reflective, mirror finish.

How it works:


Paint Thickness Reading Inspection

After the vehicle has been thoroughly washed and decontaminated the paintwork is examined using ultra-modern paint depth gauges and digital microscopes to identify the overall health of the vehicle’s finish. This step is essential to determine the actual condition of the paintwork since it assures all waxes or glazes are removed from the paint (which could potentially conceal scratches and swirl marks). Once all defects have been appropriately diagnosed, a level of paint correction is then recommended. If your vehicle’s paintwork is too thin to polish, paint correction cannot be performed.


Paint CorrectionTest Spot

Since every vehicle’s paint reacts differently to paint correction, a test area is polished to ensure the best possible results. Several compounds, polishes, tools, pads, and techniques may be tested to find the perfect balance of cutting ability and finishing results. The goal is to find a solution that removes the least amount of paint while eliminating the maximum amount of defects from the surface (this is exceptionally important for the overall health and longevity of the paint system). If necessary we select a paint correction system to stay within OEM film build removal recommendations to preserve your new car paint warranty.


Correction Process

Once a polishing process has been dialed in (from the test spot) the correction work begins. In this phase the entire vehicle will be polished to perfection using extreme attention to detail. Heroic levels of focus and patience are required as some areas of the vehicle may require several hours of polishing to achieve a defect-free finish. Throughout the correction process the paint thickness is constantly measured to monitor the rate of film build removal. An inspection wipe down may be performed to ensure all carrier oils from the finishing polish are removed from the surface. This ensures that the defects are, in fact, being removed and not simply masked by the water or solvent carriers from the polishing liquid. The end result is a flawless finish with stunning reflections and maximum gloss.



The paint correction process removes scratches and other defects by removing a microscopic layer of paint which restores a perfectly level, glossy, and reflective surface. Unfortunately, this also removes a small portion of the paint’s UV inhibitors which reside in the outer most layer of clear coat. Traditional carnauba wax and synthetic paint sealants will provide hydrophobic and UV protection; however, their protective qualities wear away with time and require frequent reapplication to maintain constant protection. For this reason we always recommend the application of a durable ceramic coating such as CQuartz Professional or CQuartz FINEST Reserve to restore a thick layer of durable UV protection for the underlying paint system which will last for years to come.

Paint Correction by Autowerx icon-booknow

Paint Correction can be added to most detail packages. While we can provide fairly accurate quotes over the phone we won’t be able to assess the paint’s actual condition until we’ve prepped (washed and decontaminated) the vehicle and performed a test spot on the paint.

Multi-step paint correction restores a showroom shine to neglected or improperly handled vehicles. Paint Correction services can take between 1-3 days to complete. Final price is dependent on the initial condition of the paintwork, depth and severity of below surface defects (scratches, marring, etc.), and your desired level of perfection.