Yearly Archives: 2014

This Mercedes Benz C250 was recently purchased by one of our long time customers as a certified pre-owned car. After enjoying the car for several weeks it was eventually parked under a rather “drippy” tree on one of our recent hot summer days. Unfortunately the resulting tree sap had dripped […]

2013 Mercedes Benz C250

After receiving a paint correction service and/or ceramic coating such as CQuartz FINEST it is important to take a proactive role in maintaining the pristine aesthetic condition of your vehicle. Coated vehicles are much easier to maintain, especially since you will not need to frequently clay, polish, or wax the […]

Coating After Care

’08 Altima as delivered. The owner keeps it very clean but is tired of all the scratches and swirl marks. There is also a big ugly dent right in the middle of the rear door that sticks out like a sore thumb. The dent will be removed using Paintless Dent […]

2008 Nissan Altima