2008 Nissan Altima

’08 Altima as delivered. The owner keeps it very clean but is tired of all the scratches and swirl marks.

There is also a big ugly dent right in the middle of the rear door that sticks out like a sore thumb. The dent will be removed using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) saving the owner thousands in bodywork costs.

Swirl marks covered every square inch of the paint on this vehicle.

What are swirl marks? Why and how do they happen?

Swirl are shallow scratches in the clear coat layer of paint and are mainly caused by improper washing methods or automatic “soft cloth” car washes.

Each time the vehicle is washed using the wrong wash media… sponges or cloths can drag dirt and road grime across the paint causing scratches.

Over time these scratches build up until the underlying paint color is blocked by thousands of multi-directional scratches (aka swirls) in the clear coat.

Isolated scratches can also be caused by placing something on the hood or roof and dragging it across the paint.

Even wiping a light layer of dust off the car can cause shallow swirl marks and minor scratches.

Swirl marks can be an annoyance, especially on body panels that reflect multiple points of light.

With professional tools and careful polishing technique the pros at Autowerx Detailing can undo years of damage revealing a flawless, mirror-shine, finish.

50/50 of before and after Signature level paint correction at Autowerx Detailing

Roof: Before.

Roof: After.





The vehicle was coated with a durable glass coating providing years of hydrophobic protection.

The coating does not require waxing and provides amazing protection against environmental risks.

This level of water beading will last for several years if properly maintained.

GlassCoat hydrophobic protective glass coating by Autowerx Detailing.

Beads and bling!

GlassCoat hydrophobic protective glass coating by Autowerx Detailing.

GlassCoat hydrophobic protective glass coating by Autowerx Detailing.

Touchless drying.

Getting every last water drop for a flawless finish.

After Signature Detail & GlassCoat at Autowerx Detailing.

The interior was also touched up with a thorough vacumming and wipe down of the dash, seats, doors, and center console.

And of course the wheels where cleaned and protected as well.

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