VIP Wash Membership

Most damage to your vehicle’s exterior finish is caused by improper care. All it takes is ONE incorrectly performed wash to scratch up and ruin a vehicle’s paint job. A single trip through a friction-tunnel automatic car wash can potentially inflict permanent damage to your vehicle’s paint! Even washing your vehicle yourself with improper methods or suboptimal materials can cause quite a bit of damage to a the exterior cosmetic surfaces. Modern base/clear paint systems found on virtually all new vehicles are thin (thinner than a Post-It-Note!), highly scratch sensitive, and require special care to maintain a pristine finish. If you are looking for a safer alternative to automatic car washes and want to maintain your vehicle in pristine condition then Autowerx VIP Wash Membership is your answer.

How it Werx:

  1. Have your vehicle professionally detailed by Autowerx Detailing. Even our basic wash package qualifies you.
  2. Within 30 days from your original detail, enroll into our monthly VIP Wash Membership.
  3. Live the clean life with monthly details, special VIP discounts, and always have the cleanest ride on the block.

Join today! Call us at 503-939-6139 for more info.