New Car Protection

Elevate your ownership experience and peace of mind by protecting your new vehicle from day one with our exclusive, industry leading, premium-grade, multi-year durability ceramic coating treatments.

One of the biggest challenges for vehicle owners is maintaining the cosmetic appearance and long-term value of their vehicle. Everyday wear and tear, as well as exposure to environmental contamination, dirt, UV radiation, moisture, and pollutants can cause damage to the paintwork and other finishes on the vehicle. This can lead to unsightly blemishes and a decrease in the vehicle’s resale value. Ceramic coatings provide the most effective and durable solution to protect the vehicle’s surfaces from these damaging concerns.

We trust CarPro coatings because they’ve continued to innovate and deliver premium-grade ceramic coatings that consistently exceed our expectations. We’re particularly fond of the fact that they’re honest and realistic in their product marketing and performance claims, which is why we exclusively use CarPro materials for our protective ceramic coating treatments. With over a decade of experience installing professional-grade ceramic coatings and thousands of protected vehicles, Autowerx is the clear choice for the most discerning car care enthusiasts and those seeking to preserve their automotive investments the best way possible.

CQuartz Finest Reserve Treatment

Indulge in the epitome of luxury as your gleaming new chariot undergoes a meticulous and extensive transformation. Your vehicle is tenderly washed and decontaminated, followed by a thorough inspection, and intensive polishing of high-gloss cosmetic surfaces to achieve a better-than-new aesthetic. This unparalleled service is then enhanced with the most exclusive ceramic coating in the world: CQuartz Finest Reserve.

Delivering the highest quality of automotive refinement, our Finest Reserve Treatment turns your vehicle into to a timeless masterpiece. Every inch of its exterior is swathed in a high-gloss, dirt and chemical resistant protective coating shielding all surfaces from the elements, no detail is overlooked. This meticulous five-day restorative and protective detailing process is a sublime experience where perfection is paramount.

DQuartz Ceramic Treatments

DQuartz is CarPro’s brand new, accredited, cutting-edge ceramic coating treatment utilizing functionalized nano-diamonds that significantly enhances the hardness and abrasion resistance of any surface.

We’ve created a range of ceramic coating treatments utilizing DQuartz as a hard-wearing, scratch resistant base layer coupled with your choice of surface enhancing top-coatings for incredibly durable abrasion-resistance, slickness, chemical and UV resistance, and long-lasting hydrophobic performance. Carries up to a 5 year warranty when paired with our CQuartz Finest Reserve Treatment.

CQuartz Ceramic Treatments

We’ve curated our favorite selections of CarPro’s innovative line of durable CQuartz ceramic coatings to create unique vehicle ownership experiences for every budget.

No matter which CQuartz treatment you choose, your vehicle will first undergo a comprehensive range of modern, industry-leading, customizable restorative detailing procedures to enhance its appearance. Once your vehicle’s paint, wheels, glass, trim, and other cosmetic bits have been refined to your preferred level of perfection the entirety of the vehicle’s exterior will be protected with your selected coating treatment for durable, long-term protection against the elements.

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