2014 Ford Mustang GT Revival | Stage 1 Paint Correction Treatment

At Autowerx Detailing, we believe that every vehicle has the potential to shine anew, regardless of its age or the adversities it has faced. One of our recent projects stands as a testament to this belief: a mesmerizing transformation of a 2014 Ford Mustang GT in Deep Impact Blue.

The Backstory:

This Ford Mustang GT, a true beauty in its own right, unfortunately, suffered the unfortunate fate of an encounter with an overgrown bush in a parking lot. The damage? Unsightly scrapes and scuffs tarnishing the front bumper, the front fender, and a section of the passenger side door. For many, the immediate solution would be a complete repainting, but not for this Mustang’s hopeful owner. They approached us to explore the possibilities of restoring the vehicle’s paint without a trip to the body shop.

The Challenge:

The Deep Impact Blue 2014 Ford Mustang GT that rolled into our facility showcased the wear and tear one might expect from a vehicle of its age: imperfections that had collected over time, turning its vibrant paintwork into a canvas of memories, some of which its owner wished to forget. While many detailing services might resort to a temporary fix, applying waxes or glazes to fill in the defects, we at Autowerx Detailing understand that true restoration requires a deeper touch.

Enter Autowerx’s Stage 1 Paint Correction Treatment:

Instead of merely masking the imperfections, our Stage 1 Paint Correction Treatment delves into the very essence of the vehicle’s paint. Our approach is based on meticulously leveling the clear coat, ensuring that defects are not just hidden, but are genuinely removed. Through a dedicated process of cleaning, polishing, and sealing, we treat the vehicle’s paint at a microscopic level. The result? A transformation that doesn’t just temporarily shine, but stands the test of time, reflecting the dedication and expertise of Autowerx’ skilled and talented detailing technicians.

The Result:

The before-and-after photos of the Mustang are simply breathtaking. Gone are the grim reminders of its battle with the bush. Instead, the Mustang GT stands tall, gleaming with a profound luster and deep gloss that rivals any brand new car on the showroom floor. It’s not just a restoration; it’s a rebirth.

Why opt for a costly and often unnecessary new paint job when you can breathe new life into your vehicle with Autowerx Detailing’s expert touch? This Mustang GT story is a shining example of our commitment to quality, excellence, and most importantly, our clients’ satisfaction.

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