The Autowerx Difference

Modern automobiles (with rare exception) are coated with a base coat and clear coat paint system. This type of paint consists of a microscopically thin primer layer which bonds to a bare metal surface. On top of this is a base “color” layer. Finally a clear layer is applied to protect the underlying color layer. The outermost portion of clear coat is infused with a high concentration of UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage and fading. From primer to clear coat the entire thickness of factory applied paint is roughly the same thickness as a single Post-It-Note.

Why does all this matter to you? Think about this: Any time you get a scratch in your paint the only way to remove the scratch is to level the paint surface around the imperfection. This means the surrounding paint is literally polished away until it is as low as the lowest point in the scratch. Because modern automotive paint is so thin, you can easily understand why aggressive polishing by an inexperienced detailer or body shop could lead to irreversible damage and costly repairs. There really is no margin for error and the stakes for permanent damage are high.

Most body shops, dealerships, and budget detail shops simply are not equipped to handle high-end paint correction. They certainly aren’t focusing on long term paint system health and film build thickness. Their job is to produce a “shine” that 99% of the driving public desires. In many cases they aren’t even producing real paint correction anyway and are instead filling and hiding scratches and imperfections with special glazes that wash away shortly after. This is why most people experience frustration when their vehicle loses its “just detailed” luster shortly after the first few washes.

hammered paint - Auto Detailing in Sherwood, OR Paint Measurement - 150 Microns 5050 20x - Auto Detailing in Sherwood, OR Ford Taurus - Auto Detailing Sherwood OR Honda Civic - Autowerx Detailing - Auto Detailing in Sherwood, OR

Why should you have to risk permanently damaging your vehicle’s appearance in the effort of improving it? Why should you have to settle for substandard aesthetics and short lived perfection that literally washes away? The answer is you shouldn’t and now you don’t have to. At Autowerx preserving the value of your vehicle is just as important as producing jaw dropping paint finish quality. This is why we only employ the most up-to-date compounds and polishes that enable non-destructive paint correction with highly controlled film build removal rates. The paint’s thickness is measured throughout our polishing process to ensure safe levels of clear are removed to preserve OEM recommended values. Our paint correction process will leave your vehicle sparkly and vibrant with a deep, mirror shine. We’ll even coat your paint with CQuartz Finest, a long lasting ceramic coating, to lock in the perfection for years to enjoy.

Don’t settle for cut rate detailing services. We’re creating a new standard in paint finish quality and we invite you to experience it. Welcome to Autowerx.