Elevating the Beast: The 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500’s Journey to Perfection

Occasionally, an exceptional vehicle rolls into our shop and we can’t help but marvel at its sheer magnificence. One such mechanical masterpiece that recently graced our floor was the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. A paragon of power, this spectacular machine is one of the most potent road cars ever forged by Ford, capturing the perfect balance between unyielding strength and thrilling road performance. However, at Autowerx Detailing, we saw potential beyond the factory finish, and aimed to take the Shelby GT500 from breathtaking to simply unmatched.

The car we were tasked to work on was more than just a fast ride. This particular Shelby GT500 was an embodiment of half a century of Mustang history. Honoring 55 years since the original Shelby GT500’s inception, this Mustang wore an Iconic Silver paint job, further accentuated by gloss black racing stripes. It was a sight to behold, and we knew the car needed a detailing treatment as elite as its legacy.

Enter our DQuartz + CQuartz SiC ceramic coating treatment. In the world of detailing, it is the ultimate in automotive refinement, adding a high-gloss, chemically resistant protective coating that safeguards the vehicle’s exterior surfaces from the harsh elements. The treatment is an elaborate five-day process that pairs restorative detailing techniques with protective coatings to breathe new life into the vehicle’s bodywork.

2-Bucket Snow Foam Hand Wash

The Shelby’s journey to perfection began with a Wheels-Off Signature Prep Wash & Detail, followed by a restorative Paint Correction using Ceramic Primer Polish. Every inch of the car was meticulously attended to, with each component – including glass and wheels – polished and coated. The culmination of the treatment was the application of DQuartz + CQuartz SiC dual-layer ceramic coating, cured under infrared (IR) lamps to ensure maximum hardness and enhanced durability.

The secret to the transformative power of our treatment lies in DQuartz, CarPro’s cutting-edge ceramic coating. It utilizes functionalized nano-diamonds to significantly enhance the hardness and abrasion resistance of the surface. In addition to being hydrophobic and UV-resistant, DQuartz increases surface hardness by up to five points, providing an enhanced defense against scratches and swirls.

The real test of the treatment’s efficacy came when we noticed faint outlines of etched water spots on the Mustang’s silver paintwork. Using our IR lamps, we expanded the pores of the paintwork, allowing us to polish the etched clear coat and permanently remove the water spots, while preserving maximum clear coat integrity. The result? The Shelby GT500’s paintwork emerged with a level of gloss significantly exceeding the factory finish, transforming the car into a true head-turner.

The fruits of our labor were illuminated under the glow of +50,000k lumens from our paint correction LED lights, as well as natural nights from the outdoors showcasing the Shelby GT500 in all its flawless glory. The 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, already an icon of automotive prowess, had been elevated to an unmatched standard of refinement and protection.

We took Ford’s most potent road car and turned it into a timeless masterpiece. Through our meticulous detailing process and the power of our DQuartz + CQuartz SiC ceramic coating treatment, we showcased the full potential of the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. This project is a testament to our commitment to automotive excellence and customer satisfaction. We don’t just detail cars – we elevate them to perfection, one timeless masterpiece at a time.

Inspired by the transformative journey of this 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500? Perhaps it’s time to consider the same spa treatment for your own vehicle. At Autowerx Detailing, we believe every car, irrespective of its make or model, deserves the finest care. Give your vehicle the gift of enhanced durability, shine, and protection with our DQuartz ceramic coating treatment. With unmatched expertise and a passion for automotive excellence, we’re here to elevate your vehicle to new heights of perfection.

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