2023 VW Golf R: Beyond Showroom Shine

At Autowerx Detailing, we pride ourselves on delivering automotive detailing treatments that redefine the meaning of perfection. We recently had the privilege of working on a brand-new 2023 VW Golf R in the striking Lapiz Blue Metallic. To say we elevated its allure would be an understatement.

Our relationship with the owner of this Golf R is built on a foundation of trust and expertise. Previously, we were entrusted with the meticulous care of their prior Golf R, beginning from its initial acquisition. Their continued patronage is a testament to our dedication and the quality of our services. With their latest acquisition, we were poised to introduce our latest advancements in automotive detailing and durable protective treatments.

Introducing DQuartz: Protection Reimagined

The Golf R received our latest offering – the DQuartz ceramic coating. Incorporating functionalized-nano-diamonds combined with CarPro’s sought-after ceramic resin, DQuartz is not just a protective layer; it’s a shield. The result? A formidable defense against the inevitable wear from routine maintenance and washing. It’s a pledge to maintain that coveted new car shine for an incredibly extended period.

To heighten the gloss and slickness, we didn’t stop at DQuartz. We crowned it with CQuartz SiC. The outcome is not just about looks; it’s also about performance. The car now repels water in mesmerizing beads, thanks to the enhanced hydrophobic properties.

CarPro DQuartz + CQuartz SiC Ceramic Treatment

Perfecting Perfection: Our Stage 1 Paint Correction

Every car, even the most luxurious ones straight out of the factory, can harbor unnoticed flaws. It’s the tiny imperfections, the result of fast-paced factory production and transportation, that prevent a vehicle from realizing its full aesthetic potential. Our client’s 2023 VW Golf R was no exception.

We embarked on our renowned stage 1 paint correction process, a meticulous treatment specifically designed to address those elusive factory paint defects, sanding marks, and marring that arise from handling during the production process. Our dedicated team delicately polished the Golf R’s clear coat, ensuring that each square inch was inspected and treated with precision.

The end result is an awe-inspiring level of perfection. The Golf R’s rejuvenated paintwork now radiates a gloss so intense, it’s almost surreal—a finish so pristine that it’s hard to believe it’s genuine until seen with the naked eye.

While the Golf R’s body was our canvas, we didn’t neglect the wheels. We meticulously removed them to give the brake calipers and rotor hats the attention they deserve. Now, every inch of the vehicle glistens with the same protective embrace.

Safety and sophistication go hand in hand at Autowerx Detailing. The vehicle’s glass surfaces were treated with SiC, while the windshield was fortified with CarPro Forte. Beyond the gleaming shine, the driver will experience improved clarity during those rainy drives, all thanks to the superior hydrophobic properties.

The 2023 VW Golf R left our studio with a radiance that surpasses factory-new vehicles. But at Autowerx Detailing, this is what we strive for – to redefine perfection, one vehicle at a time.

Dive Deeper into DQuartz

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