2020 Chevrolet Corvette | CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating Treatment

C8 Corvette - CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating Treatment
2020 C8 Corvette after our CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating Treatment
The most critical step in any of our premium detailing treatments is a proper “two-bucket-method” hand wash to gently rid exterior surfaces of dirt and grime. Paintwork is then chemically and mechanically decontaminated to safely and fully strip the surface of any bonded contaminates that would otherwise not be removed by washing alone.
Once the vehicle has been washed, decontaminated, and thoroughly dried we inspect the various exterior surfaces for damage. The front bumper on this Corvette had particularly severe scratches and marring from debris that had been logged under the shipping wrap while the vehicle traveled from the factory to the dealership.
This vehicle encountered inclement weather on its journey from the factory. An excessive amount of a fine, powdery, sand-like material was found in the jambs and is likely what contaminated the underside of the shipping wrap which caused so much damage to the exterior high-gloss paintwork.
The sharp and distinct body lines of this C8 Corvette seemed to attract most of the damage from the shipping wrap…
Our paint inspection also revealed several factory de-nibbing sanding marks which will require extra attention.
Damage on both a-pillars…
Some areas of the paintwork were agitated so much by the contaminated shipping wrap they looked completely dull, as if they’d been sanded down.
Literally every edge.
The owner of this particular Corvette decided it will be best to remove all exterior badges to avoid the troubles of caring for such intricate details amidst the sensitive black paintwork. This also eliminates the annoyance of fibers from your wash mitt catching on the emblems.
Badge removal is completed by warming the adhesive backing and cutting through the material with a heavy gauge fishing line. Remaining adhesive is chemically dissolved from the surface.
Etched mineral deposits had affected various plastic trims within the engine bay and front trunk jambs. These were removed with CarPro Spotless, an acid-based chemical cleaner formulated to remove water spots and mineral stains from a variety of automotive surfaces. Available in stock in our shop in Newberg or online direct from CarPro at https://www.carpro-us.com
Unfortunately our chemical treatments had no effect on the etched water spots found on the inside of the engine bay’s glass windows…
Machine polishing fully removed the mineral stains and produced a crystal clear surface.
Multi-stage paint correction is a time-intensive process. Various machine polishers, techniques, pads, and abrasive liquids are employed to restore each panel to its fullest achievable degree of perfection.
The final results after 20+ hours of machine polishing are quite impressive.
The owner of this C8 provided us with their set of Reverse Logic lug guide tools to aid in the safe removal and re-installation of the wheels. These are very high quality and finely machined tools that I would recommend to any C8 Corvette owner that intends on routinely or periodically removing the wheels for maintenance. Available at https://reverselogic.us
The intensive prep, polishing, and CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating treatment added a tremendous amount of gloss and luster to the various wheel and brake component finishes.
Brand new interior… ready to be unwrapped, gently cleaned and fully protected with our CQuartz interior fabric and leather coatings.
CQuartz Leather provides a luxurious, silky smooth feel and durable UV protection without adding artificial gloss to the surface.
CQFR includes a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind and has been rated by CarPro with an expected durability of anywhere between 3-10 years depending on how the vehicle is driven, stored, and maintained.

Shout out to TCT Wraps who did a wonderful job on the nearly full-body, custom XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) wrap and window tint install. They were able to coordinate seamlessly with our schedule to help expedite the project and their workmanship is impeccable.
The rear bumper took nearly an entire 8-hour shift to fully correct and polish out due to the extensive abrasive damage around every panel edge, which are inherently problematic to safely polish on.
This is cool. Intricate, hand painted details on the engine cover.
All plastic bits and door jambs were ceramic coated to help protect against future water spotting issues and make cleaning these complex areas a breeze.
We even coated the tires with a durable finish that won’t fade in the rain or wash off for several months.

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